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I am Simon, a digital Designer with a love for Brands.

Just like YOU stand behind your products and services, so do I with mine. It is important to be confident about his own skills, in order to provide the best result for everyone.

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My approach


Is your current design good enough? I will analyse what you are already doing good, and where there is room for improvement.


I will help you finding the best ways to reach the goals that you are aiming at, while always having your customer in mind.


A good design can change failure to success. I will make sure my clients get an outstanding design to provide the best possible results.

How I can help you

It does not matter if you are a big corporation or just started out small, an attractive and consistent online presence is a must in order to succeed nowadays. I can help you to create, establish or strenghten your brand and business online. Here is what I can do for you:

With my experience in Graphic Design, Webdesign and User Experience I can tell you what your business needs. I can give you professional advice on your brand and online presence.

  • Analysis about the current design
  • Comparison with latest trends in design and technology
  • Clear action steps for improvement

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A strong and consistent brand is crucial to the success of a company. It is responsible for how your customers see you, trust you, and if they buy from you. Investing in a professionally made brand is an investment that pays off hugely on the long run. Work together with me to bring your brand to the next level.

  • Make your brand stand out from its competitors
  • Improve the visual appearence
  • Become more trustworthy to your potential clients

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A business without a website will not make it very far, this is common knowledge. But what can also make a lot of damage is an outdated website that does not properly represent the business anymore. Times change fast, and in order to get the attention and trust of your audience, you always need to have a strong and clear online presence. Work together with me to make your website powerful.

  • Custom design for your brand
  • Latest design trends and technology
  • Responsive for all devices

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WhatsApp: +31 618 405113