I am Simon, and my goal is to create and launch one new project every month.

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Month 1: 5 Weken Tegen AngstMonth 1:
5 Weken Tegen Angst
Month 2: Sorry BabeMonth 2:
Sorry Babe
Month 3: DaileeeMonth 3:
Month 4: SkyResumeMonth 4:
Month 5: Emoji WPMonth 5:
Emoji WP
Month 6: PopWinMonth 6:
Month 7: NOFAMEMonth 7:
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Month 7 – July 2019

NOFAME – Probably the world's most unique T-shirt brand. Join the club!


Fashion Brand



NOFAME is a T-shirt brand with rules that are as simple as bizarre: Get a T-shirt with a random person on it, and another random person gets a T-shirt with you on it. With every shirt being unique, you will never see anyone wearing the same shirt!

Month 6 – June 2019

PopWin – Engage your visitors with wins and grow your email list.





Excite your visitors with a pop-up guessing game where they can win a discount or other amazing prices that you offer, and you can grow your email list at the same time! This is just a concept, but if there is demand for it, I will create the actual product!

Month 5 – May 2019

Emoji WP – Free quirky emoji wallpapers for phone, desktop and tablet.


Wallpaper set



These handcrafted wallpapers bring the loved emojis to your phone, desktop or tablet, and are downloadable for free. I chose 12 popular emojis, and transformed them into a fullscreen version. Among them are the heart eye emoji, the alien, the nerd, and of course the beloved pile of poop. At the bottom of the page is a little survey to vote for the next emoji wallpaper!

Month 4 – Apr 2019

SkyResume – Nail the first impression for your next dream job.





SkyResume enables everybody to create stunning online resumes to present themselves to a company in a confident way, without needing to have outstanding Marketing, Design or Tech skills. It is completely free, requires no login and lets you create as many resumes as you want, because I wanted to make it as accessible as possible, hoping that it helps some people with landing their dream job.

Month 3 – Mar 2019

Daileee – Your daily challenge to get fitter, smarter, and more social.





Daileee is a website that gives you a new small challenge every day, for constant self improvement. The challenges are designed to tackle the 3 biggest aspects of your life: Health, Mind, and Social. By checking off a challenge, you receive a badge for your collection.

Month 2 – Feb 2019

SorryBabe – Find the right present for your love, after you screwed up.





Launched right after Valentines Day, Sorry-Babe.com helps you find the right present for your girlfriend, after you screwed up. It asks you the question "How mad is she?" and based on that answer, the right presents are shown to you, marked with a "Chances of Success" indication. You can filter the results by Bling, Sweets, Fashion, Beauty, Gadgets, and other.

Month 1 – Jan 2019

5WTA – Your personal workbook to crush your biggest fears and anxiety.




Isabelle Lafeber



"5 Weken Tegen Angst" (5 weeks against fear) is a book that helps people with overcoming anxiety. I made it together with Isabelle Lafeber, who suffered from an anxiety disorder herself. The book contains little challenges, infos and quotes, and is written in dutch.

The beginning

About – My motivations

This is the beginning of my monthly projects, started on the 1st January 2019. I know it will require a lot of hard work and commitment, but it will be worth it. My main goal and motivation is to keep learning and developing new skills. Not only in Design, Development and Marketing, but also to broaden my horizon into new fields. I hope my work inspires some of you to also start getting active, and bringing your ideas to life.

Do you have a great idea, and want to work on it together? I'd love to hear about it!

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